Swiss ROOTT implants

We are the official distributors of the Swiss company Trate AG in the Leningrad, Pskov and Novgorod regions. The company’s products are manufactured exclusively in Europe and are 100% European. The products are manufactured to the highest standards and are innovative. The range of products for dental implants is very wide and is designed for any clinical cases.

For doctors

ROOTT implants are developed by leading dentists in Europe and are made according to the highest European standards. You can be proud of the quality of work with ROOTT implants. ROOTT products and techniques deserve attention.

You can buy ROOTT implants in our online store. To get acquainted with the products and the cost, follow the link.

We offer orthopedic dentists and dental offices cooperation with our dental laboratory on mutually beneficial terms.

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Dobriy stomatolog Implantation Center

On the basis of our clinic, we familiarize ourselves with the products of Trate AG and train dental implantologists to perform high-quality dental implants using ROOTT implants and tools. We have synthesized the best European and Russian experience of dental implants and created author’s methods, which we share with our colleagues and friends dentists. Our methods are accessible to everyone, our products are worthy of respect. ROOTT was created by dentists for dentists.

Types of ROOTT implants

European specialists have collected all the world experience of dental implants and used only the best techniques and technologies. Individual products and tools have been developed for each clinical case.

The advantage of ROOTT implants is that all types have the same components, which are interchangeable and do not require separate tools. All products are easily assembled together.


One-component implant for permanent restorations with cement fixation.
It has a wide size range: length from 6 to 16 mm, diameter from 3 to 5.5 mm. The direction of the abutment is adjustable up to 15 degrees. Each type of implant is designed for different clinical situations.
By choosing Roott implants, you optimize the implantation work.

Compressive MS

One-component implant for permanent restorations with screw fixation, with a multiunit mini type head.

Compressive MP

One-component implant for permanent restorations with screw fixation, with a multiunit mini head and additional thread in the apical part.

Compressive M

One-component implant for permanent restorations with screw fixation, with a multiunit mini type head.


Basal implants are used to create multiple restorations in the upper and lower jaws and to be placed directly in the alveolar processes.
Structural features allow them to be placed in areas with a pronounced deficit in the width and height of bone tissue, in the wells of removed teeth, as well as transgingivally. It can be used in combination with compression implants. With the help of a special tool, the direction of the abutment can be adjusted up to 15 degrees relative to the axis of the implant. A good knowledge of the anatomy of the maxillofacial region is required

Basal SS

Would you like to have more freedom in very difficult cases?
We present to your attention basal implants. One-piece implant for residual atrophy of the alveolar process with a polished flexible neck and increased thread roughness.

Say “yes” to quality – a truly excellent quality assessment.


The two-part ROOTFORM implant with a combined thread and a reliable cone connection is designed for single and multiple restorations with immediate and delayed loading in the upper and lower jaw in all types of bone tissue. It is installed in a patchwork or non-patchwork way with a subcrestal immersion level. It is possible to install directly into the hole of the removed tooth if there is a sufficient volume of bone tissue.


The new TRS tool kit and drills look amazing, don’t they?

TRS-S Universal Tool Kit


All drills are made of a material designed for the manufacture of high-precision medical instruments with increased resistance to corrosion.


Each drill has an indication of the article corresponding to its size. Pilot and universal drills have additional horizontal drill length marks.


ROOTT tools are made of special anti-corrosion material on high-precision European equipment. All instruments are designed by dentists and engineers, and are made with jewelry precision.

The toolkit consists of various drills for various purposes, extension cords for drills, screwdrivers, guide pins, keys for removing suprastructures, a torque wrench, implant guides with an external and internal platform.

Gum Shaper

It is used for open sinus lifting.


One sentence does not describe all the advantages and advantages of the ROOTT system. Innovation, quality, speed, accessibility-isn’t that enough?! Try it and you will understand everything without words. And we? And we will help!

Do you want to become a good implantologist? We will teach you innovative methods. Do you want to do high-quality work? You will appreciate the quality of ROOTT products and techniques. With us, you will be able to grow and become a good specialist in one of the most important specialties in dentistry.

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