Services of a digital dental laboratory.

We are a Kind dentist lab. We are a modern dental laboratory, which has been operating on the basis of the multifunctional dental clinic “Good Dentist” since 2012.

Good dentist lab is the place where any dental clinic, dental technician or dentist will find the right complex of dental services, at a convenient time and in the required volume.

The Good Dentist lab is a dental laboratory, a milling center and a digital environment in one place. We have created the entire range of dental work in a single space.

The Good Dentist lab ecosystem is a complex of services combined in one place. This is the unity of dental, clinical and logistics processes.

DS lab is your competitive advantage in the market of dental services. The experience and skills of our specialists, modern equipment and the best materials are a guarantee of a high level of services and the quality of our products. We can take your work to a completely different level. We know what the patients want.


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