Bite Correction.

It is important not just to align a single tooth or all your teeth in general, but also to keep your jaws in the right position to avoid teeth clicking that can cause serious problems later.

It is important to perform proper diagnostics, take a wise approach to teeth treatment, and bite alignment. It requires advanced knowledge, experience and expensive equipment that only a few clinics can afford.

At our clinic, we use the best and the most innovative equipment to make our patients’ lives meaningful. We present you with beautiful and smooth smiles. Remember, beautiful and straight teeth are the key to a beautiful and smooth life.

The uniqueness of our orthodontic treatment.


What our orthodontist treats.

At our dental clinic, the orthodontist diagnoses, corrects, or completely corrects irregularities in the maxillary system. These are mainly problems with irregular teeth growth, irregular teeth alignment, asymmetry of the jaw and face, or masticatory dysfunctions. The doctor corrects congenital and acquired defects both adult patients and children.

The latest techniques and equipment help us to diagnose and make the right diagnosis.

In order to treat such deformities the orthodontist uses modern methods and special devices such as mouth guards, retainers and bracket systems.

Modern methods of bite correction.

1. The Star Smile aligners are the most advanced method of treatment.

Aligners are transparent mouth guards for bite correction. They do not provoke allergies and do not damage the mucous membrane of the mouth. Aligners are easy to use; you can always take them off and put them into special case that is included to the bundle before eating and put them back on. Thanks to the aligners people around you will not notice that you have orthodontic treatment.

Advantages of Star Smile aligners.

Transparency and Invisibility
Aligners are transparent and practically invisible. If you are a public or shy person, this treatment option will suit you perfectly.
Virtual modeling
Before the treatment starts, a special computer program will help us to create a virtual model of your future smile. You will see the result of your treatment before its beginning.
During the treatment, there are no dietary restrictions as the mouth guards can be removed for mealtime. This is very convenient and allows you to enjoy delicious meal.
Aligners are easy to take care of at home, you need just to rinse them with a cool soapy solution or clean them with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

2. Bracket systems.

Metal braces are the most common and widespread orthodontic systems for teeth aligning. They are very effective in correcting even the most complex abnormalities of teeth. We use in our work the newest and the best foreign systems such as Dimon, H4, and Victory.

Advantages of our bracket systems.

Small dimensions.

Low profile.

Well-polished surface.

Hypoallergenic materials.

Speed of treatment.

Possibility of using other additional orthopedic devices. Hard to break or peel off...

How our orthodontist treats.

Orthodontist's consultation.

During the initial checkup of the oral cavity, the doctor determines abnormalities by examining the teeth, jaw position, tooth alignment and symmetry of the facial area, determines the origin of abnormalities, heredity, causes of the anomalies.


For more precise diagnostics, our dentistry uses X-ray equipment. An X-ray can show the defects which are invisible to the naked eye, evaluate the condition of the roots, bone tissue, teeth rudiments and retention, and make correct diagnosis after an in-depth diagnostics.

For orthodontic treatment by the dentist, in some cases, we ask the patient to have a number of tests and to consult with doctors of other specializations, in order to assess the overall state of health and to identify possible contraindications, if there are any.

Orthodontic treatment planning.

The orthodontist draws up a treatment plan based on diagnostic data. For treatment planning, we take into account the patient’s age, health condition, financial possibilities, and his/her wishes. To visualize the result, we use a special program. It makes it clearer to the patient what kind of result we are striving for.

Oral hygiene.

It is important for the oral cavity to be completely healthy at the time of orthodontic treatment. All decayed lesions must be treated, inflammation must be removed, teeth must be cleaned of plaque and calculus, and teeth must be restored or extracted.

Performance of orthodontic treatment.

If the hardware treatment is chosen, the necessary structure is painlessly installed for a few hours. In the process of wearing orthodontic appliances, there are difficulties in teeth cleaning and the devices themselves. The doctor explains everything in details and gives a memo on how to take care for the teeth and appliance. It is important to see the orthodontist to for the treatment progress and to make corrections on time.

If surgical treatment is chosen, we perform it with local anesthesia. After operation, it is necessary to have a recovery period under the supervision of the orthodontist.

Seeing your dentist is obligatory, regardless of the chosen treatment.

Anomalies of the maxillofacial system we treat.

Each of the following problems affects person’s quality of life in different ways. They cause problems with speech, eating or appearance. Any of them can be corrected. All abnormalities of dentoalveolar-system are interrelated, and we consider them a whole thing. The orthodontist makes an individual wellness plan by studying each case individually.


Spiky teeth; Hutchinson, Fournier, Pfluger teeth.

Macrodentia and microdentia.

Hyperdontia, hypodontia, adentia.

Hyperplasia or hypoplasia.

Oral, distal, mesial, vestibular, supra-position, infra-position, transposition, rotation about the longitudinal axis.


The upper jaw is strongly forward.

Powerfully protruding lower jaw.

Overlapping tooth rows.

The lower teeth overlap the upper teeth.

No contact between the lower and upper teeth. Closure only on the back teeth.



One jaw is significantly larger than the other is.  Underdevelopment of jaws.

Asymmetry of position, protrudes forward (prognathia), goes backward (retrognathia).

Occlusion (mesial and distal), large overlap, bite deviations.

What kind of treatment we use.

Hardware treatment.

It is carried out with the application of special constructions, which have a mechanical effect on dental units and parts of the jaw individually. Each device has its own characteristics and differs in method of fixation and influence.

Surgical treatment.

We use surgical treatment in complicated cases, when other methods and constructions are not able to correct the defects. It is effective when there is a severe malformation of the dental arch or bite due to imbalance of the jaws. The operation is pointed to the removal of a dental unit, bone tissue, trimming of the frenulum, and turn the tooth to the right position for dental reattachment or transplantation.

Combined treatment.

It is a mixed method of treatment that consists of hardware and surgical approach. It is used when surgical correction is necessary before the placement of the structure Surgical preparation is performed if the preventive actions and appliances are not able to correct the deviation, and afterwards the necessary orthodontic appliance is installed.

Functional treatment or myotherapy.

It is a preventive measure that we use to activate abilities of the body. We use gymnastics and health-improving methods for development of masticatory and facial muscles. If these activities are carried out systematically, they encourage the balanced development of the maxillofacial system. The technique is most effective at a young age in combination with hardware treatment.

Duration of treatment.

Approximately it takes up to 2 years to make the teeth straight, change the angle or rotate in the needed direction. Nevertheless, this is a conditional term and in each case, everything is individual. Every 1-1.5 months, you should have a preventive checkup with an orthodontist to avoid unnecessary changes or to make corrections. After the treatment, a long period of retention is needed for result consolidation.

Quality and Warranty.

Conscience, intelligence, experience and technology are the things that guarantee correct and desired results. A treatment warranty is a sign of a good clinic and the professionalism of its dentists. We provide a lifetime warranty for the product if our patient is checked up in our clinic every six months.

The cost of orthodontic treatment.

  1. 1. Diagnostic examination, preparation of a patient’s treatment plan, including the production of diagnostic models, two-layer impressions (scanning), photo protocol, presentation (photo, TRG calculation, CT slices, recording on digital media) – 2200 rubles.
    2. Preparation of a treatment plan, consultation, discharge (epicrisis) – 750 rubles.
    3. Computer modeling – 2200 rubles.
    4. Primary doctor’s appointment, without drawing up a treatment plan – 350 rubles.
    5. Fixing metal braces on one jaw – 33,000 rubles.
    6. Fixing ceramic braces on one jaw – 44,000 rubles.
    7. Arc change – 4400 rubles.
    8. Activation of the bracket system without changing the arc – 1100 rubles.
    9. Removal of the bracket system with the installation of a non-removable retainer on one jaw – 6600 rubles.
    10. Removable retainer-kappa – 9900 rubles.
    11. Fixing the retainer for one tooth – 550 rubles.
    12. Fixing a bracket – 2200 rubles.
    13. Fixing the button – 1100 rubles.
    14. Installing a chain – 250 rubles.
    15. Fixing the HASS device – 13200 rubles.
    16. Removing the HASS device – 5500 rubles.
    17. Removing a bracket from one tooth – 550 rubles.
    18. Installation of occlusion pads – 1100 rubles.
    19. Layering of a liquid-flowing composite on a temporary crown – 550 rubles.
    20. Treatment with the use of a trainer, myobrace, LM-activator – 7700 rubles.
    21. Treatment using StarSmile from 5 to 20 aligners – 132,000 rubles.
    22. Treatment using StarSmile from 20 to 40 aligners 154,000 rubles.
    23. Treatment using StarSmile from 40 aligners – 176,000 rubles.
    24. Installation of a mini screw – 8250 rubles.
    25. Professional cleaning when changing the arc – 1100 rubles.
    26. Repair of orthodontic removable equipment (simple) – 550 rubles.
    27. Repair of orthodontic removable equipment (complex) – 1650 rubles.
    28. Removable device Twin Block – 16500 rubles.
    29. Retention kappa – 1650 rubles.
    30. Orthodontic ring with a spacer – 3300 rubles.

From us.

Do not hurry to choose a dentist – hurry does not allow you to choose a good specialist carefully. Choose the clinic accurately – sterility, comfort and equipment are very important. Do not settle for a very low price – doctors’ knowledge, modern materials and equipment cannot be cheap. A respectable clinic takes care of its patients, its reputation and the quality of services. Be careful; choose good dentists, because they treat with kindness.

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