Therapeutic dentistry.

A beautiful smile is available to everyone.

We create a completely new approach in therapeutic dentistry. Our dentistry is technologically advanced, friendly and available to everyone. Our methods are based on fundamental principles that we follow rigorously.

Kind Attitude.

Every patient and the health of his or her teeth are important for us. We have created the atmosphere of kindness so that everyone feels comfortable with us. We are attentive to people and tell them about the condition of their health in a simple way. Our patients’ trust is important for us.

Smart Treatment.

We perform detailed diagnostics with the usage of modern equipment. It is important for us to preserve our patients’ teeth as much as it is possible, applying radical measures only in extreme cases. We use modern materials and instruments to provide high quality treatment and long-lasting result. Our patients’ health is of a great priority.

Affordable service.

The financial aspect is not the main thing for us, so our services are reasonably priced. We have created an ideal quality to price ratio in dentistry. We do everything with care for you.

Наша команда

1. Dental treatment through the microscope.

All dental treatment at our clinic is done with the most modern microscopes. With all that modern equipment, we can find all problems of the oral cavity and are able to perform treatment with the jewel-like precision.

The microscope allows us to perform the most complex endodontic procedures, such as removal of broken instruments from the tooth root canals.

We make dentistry innovative, technologically advanced, smart and available.

2. Preventative dental checkup.

Even if you abide a good oral hygiene every day, all these measures do not guarantee you are completely safe from gum or dental disease. It is important to diagnose these problems on time to keep your teeth healthy; especially since many of them have no symptoms and start bothering you only after the extensive damage has already been done. Oral diagnostics helps to detect any disease at an early stage of its development. Therefore, we advise our patients to have a preventive dental checkup every three or five months, even if their teeth do not worry them at all.

What is included in the checkup?

Our gums are daily exposed to a harsh environment and there is a risk of getting serious disease of soft tissues in the oral cavity. The condition of our teeth depends on the condition of mucosa so it is important to detect disease on time and provide the correct treatment.

The absence of bite defects, or the correct occlusion in other words, is an important factor for nutrition and health in general. Often, even small changes or deviations from the standard can cause significant damage to the health of the body. Examination will help to identify deficiencies and correct the bite without driving the situation to severe consequences.

The periodontium, or more precisely its ligamentous apparatus, is responsible for the static condition of the teeth. Collagen fibers, which are the basis of the apparatus, hold the teeth from shifting and take the load during chewing, gently transferring it to the alveolus providing protection against overloading of bone tissues. During the examination, we assess the condition of the periodontium and prescribe treatment if it is not normal.

A layer of enamel provides protection for the bone tissues of the teeth. The enamel can crack under various external and internal factors and damage the dentin, but the tooth can also break. In order to avoid this and save your teeth, we perform an examination and prescribe treatment.

Tooth enamel decay is a primary disease that, if it is not stopped on time, it will lead to significant consequences. It is important to detect and treat tooth decay just not to lead to toothache or tooth loss altogether.

Plaque and tartar do not just contribute to dental disease; they also affect the in general. To keep bacteria and germs from harming your teeth, we use modern tools and techniques to clean your teeth of tartar. Tartar cleaning improves the aesthetic appearance and health of your teeth.

Old fillings could be made of outdated materials, poorly fitted or simply cracked from time and loads. If we find a filling of a poor quality, we will replace it preserving your tooth.

To make the structures to serve long and not to cause problems for their users, it is necessary to not only make them well and install them, but also periodically perform a professional inspection of these structures. By detecting defects and complications on time, we can quickly fix them without causing significant problems.


The importance of dental checkups.

Periodic dental check-up is undoubtedly important. It allows you to detect various oral and dental diseases on their initial stages. If you have regular preventive checkups with a dental hygienist every three or five months, there will be no need for a full dental treatment plan. Your smile will be white and beautiful, and your teeth will be healthy. Until regular checkups become the norm in life, it will be difficult to avoid an expensive complete dental treatment.

3. Dental Treatment.

According to our experience, we can see that most of our patients do not follow our advice about oral hygiene and regular dental checkups. As a result, we see many patients who neglect oral health and sometimes have unbearable toothache.

How the treatment goes.

A visit to a general dentist begins with an initial oral examination and the appointment of certain diagnostic procedures. After complete examination of your teeth and oral tissues, we create a detailed treatment plan, planning and assigning the types of work to the specialists.

Before treatment, plaque and tartar must be removed from the teeth. A dentist must do this procedure with special equipment, because proper cleaning at home or in other conditions is not possible.

The choice of dental treatment depends on the diagnosis. A general dentist will perform caries, pulpitis, periodontitis treatment or minor restorations. If more complicated treatment is required, the patient is referred to a specialist: a surgeon, an orthopedist or an implantologist. During the treatment, we use modern anesthesia, injecting it not in the periosteum, because it makes the injection painless. Before the injection, we perform measures to eliminate allergic reactions.

We give a warranty for our work. If the patient notices any discomfort during the warranty period, we will easily re-treat such work.

4. Warranty Treatment.

We prolong the warranty if our patient has a preventive checkup at our clinic every six months.

A Message for our dear patients.

We cannot enforce you to take a proper care of your teeth. We cannot enforce to do the things that will be right for your teeth and health. We can only advise you using our experience and knowledge. We can only do your teeth treatment comfortable and do it with kindness. You are always welcome and we will do everything to give you a qualitative assistance.

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